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Join us next summer for the 2nd edition of ZEE - Zechstein Experience Event, the event for learning and inspiration for professionals in wellness. Bringing together experts, professionals and enthusiasts working with and creating products with Zechstein Inside magnesium. Exchange learning, share experiences, and get inspired about the possibilities of making an impact with pure 100% natural Zechstein Inside magnesium for health, sport, and wellness.

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ZEE - Zechstein Magnesium Experience Event - learning.jpg

Gathering professionals from around the world, there will also be time for networking and making new connections for future collaborations. Behind the scenes we work to ensure for inspiring surroundings and delicious fresh and healthy meals.



We start our days together by visiting the source of Zechstein Inside Magnesium. Learn about the ancient Zechstein Sea, and the million years journey it took to become the purest magnesium chloride in the world. We show you the extraction process and the ZI quality protocol as we tour the mining facility.


Enrich your knowledge of how magnesium works in the body with Dr. Richard Danel of Magnesium Health Institute. Hear about the latest research in magnesium and about trans-dermal magnesium applications.


The second day we will hear success stories and best practices from around the world on topics of product development with magnesium, magnesium for use in professional treatments, magnesium for aesthetics, sport, and health professionals.

Join hands-on practical training sessions to lean new techniques and magnesium treatments to implement in your work.

Magnesium in Float Centers, Spas, Private Practices, Sports schools and much more, hear best practices and experiences from experts all over the world.

INSPIRATION LAB - Sample new magnesium creations and mix-up a few of your own. Hear about new innovations with magnesium.

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